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FFLBizHub.com is a trusted platform that helps individuals and entities learn and comply with Federal ATF and State firearm laws. For more information visit fflbizhub.com.

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  • Train employees on ATF and State regulations
  • GCA firearms: Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns
  • NFA firearms: Suppressors, Machine Guns, Short Barrel Rifles and Short Barrel Shotguns
  • Serve domestic consumer, Law Enforcement (LE) and Government markets
  • Serve international markets while navigating US Export / ITAR rules
  • Source product and materials from overseas with Import, MLA and TLA expertise
  • Implement ATF record keeping (A&D / Bound Book) and ATF eForms
  • Educate, comply and monitor your operation to pass ATF inspections
  • Stay current on industry events, pricing trends and regulations as they change
  • Manage, barcode, track and count your serialized inventory

What Are The Features and Benefits Of FFLBizHub.com?

FICC Private Annual Meeting

Held In conjunction with NSSF and the Annual Firearms Industry Compliance Conference. Members of the FFLBizHub.com gain access to a members-only meeting. This annual event is the leading compliance conference for the firearms industry. Attendees hail from every major sector of the industry, the ATF, FBI NICS and the State Department.